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1. Light Rare Earth elements (LREE)

  • Lanthanum oxide (La2O3): Min.99% to 99.99%

Application: Ceramic glazes; high quality optical glass; microwave crystals; FCC catalyst; Hydrogen store; battery.

  • Cerium oxide (CeO2): Min. 99% to 99.99%

Application: Glass polishing; petroleum cracking catalysts; exhaust gas catalyst; Alloy – with iron for sparking flints for lighters; with aluminium, magnesium and steel for improving heat and strength properties; radiation shielding…

  • Praseodymium oxide (Pr6O11): min. 99% to 99.9%

Application: Yellow ceramic pigments, tiles, ceramic capacitors; With neodymium in combination for goggles to shield glass makers against sodium glare, permanent magnets, crygienic refrigerant.

  • Neodymium oxide (Nd2O3): Min. 99% to 99.9%

Application: Ceramic capacitors; glazes and colored glass, lasers; high strength permanent magnets as neodymium-iron-boron alloy; petroleum cracking catalysts.

  • Didymium oxide (Nd2O6Pr2): Min. 99% to 99.9%

Application: Goggles to shield glass makers against sodium glare; permanent magnets; crygienic refrigerant.




2. Heavy Rare Earth elements (HREE)

  • Terbium oxide (Tb2O3): Min. 99% to 99.9%

Application: Cathode ray tube; magnets; optical computer memories; hard disk component.

  • Dysprosium oxide (Dy2O3): Min. 99% to 99.9%
Application: Alloyed with neodymium to be permanent magnets; catalysts.

3. Recycling Rare Earth from magnets

        We are recycling Rare Earth from magnets and the recycled materials maintain the properties that make rare earth magnets useful. We apply a special process to remove rare earth from Neodymium - Iron - Boron magnet scrab (NdFeB) that contain 3 rare earth elements: Neodymium (Nd) - Praseodymium (Pr) - Dysprosium (Dy)



4. Rare Earth metals

  • Lanthanum metal

Application: batteries for hybrid automobiles; flame lighter flint.

  • Mischmetal

Application: NiMH batteries; use in ferrocerium “flint” ignition device of lighters and torches; steel foundry…

  • Neodymium metal

Application: mainly use in manufacturing very powerful permanent magnets (Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets), in making specially superalloy and sputtering targets; used in electric motors used in hybrid and electric automobiles, and in electricity generators of some designs of commercial wind turbines

  • Dydimium metal

Application: Mainly used in manufacturing NdFeB permanent magnet.

  • Dysprosium Ferro Alloy (DyFe)

Application: is an important additive for NdFeB magnets; used in the magnetostrictive alloy TEFENOL-D, other applications for some special master alloy; highly susceptible to magnetization, they are employed in various data-storage application, such as hard disks.


5. VR-PS ® Polishing powder


Application: Optical glass; LCD display; smartphone screen; camera lenses; silicon wafer; flat glass; jewel…